Traditional Chinese Lion Dancing

Lion Dancing and Dragon Dancing has been an important aspect of Chinese martial arts schools for centuries.  The Chinese Lion is a mythical creature created from the mind of an ancient emperor.  This beast was believed to bring forth good luck and prosperity by  driving away negative energy and bad spirits.  The lion could do this by personifying the best aspects of the ideal of the scholarly warrior; strength, courage, loyalty, ferocity, compassion and wisdom.  It, therefore, became natural for martial arts students to perform these dances.

Lion dancing is performed for many occasions such as business openings, weddings, Lunar New Year Celebrations, birthdays and any event where entertainment and good fortune are needed.

The lion dance is performed by two dancers; one animating the head and the other animating the body.  The lion is led by a live percussion team playing instruments in a traditional martial style giving the lion life and purpose.

A dance can include jumping, stacking top of one another, solving puzzles, bowing and kicking.  The dances are powerful and vigorous showing the agility, strength and acrobatic ability of the performers.

While traditionally performed by students of a martial arts school, at the Nine Dragon Academy we have opened up this enjoyable and fascinating cultural art to anyone who has an interest in performing in traditional and freestyle lion dancing.