The Nine Dragon Academy strives to keep kung fu affordable so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the benefits that we have to offer. Our prices are affordable and many discounts are available. Check out our available programs for more information on what the Nine Dragon Academy has to offer.

Monthly Tuition

Jiu Long Pai Kung Fu – $100
Jiu Long Pai Taijiquan – $40

For students interested in Kung Fu and Taiji, a combined (and discounted!) tuition of $120 is available.

Available Discounts

Referral Discount

Members of the Nine Dragon Academy who bring another person to observe classes and speak with an instructor will receive a 25% discount on their next month’s tuition. If that person also signs up as a student the referring student will receive an additional 25% discount on their next month’s tuition.

Group Discounts

Two people enrolling in the Nine Dragon Academy will receive a 20% discount on their combined tuition. For each additional member of your group you will receive an additional 5% discount on the group’s combined tuition up to a maximum of 40%. These discounts are great for couples or families that wish to learn kung fu together.