Seminar: Bodhidharma 18 Hands and Chan Philosophy

February 25, 2010 — Shifu Matt Talbert

Shaolin Chan City Founder and Director Le Fujun will be presenting a public seminar on the important Shaolin Monastery boxing set Bodhidharma 18 Hands, also known as Arhat 18 Hands (Luóhàn Shíbā Shǒu 罗汉十八手).

This seminar will be a comprehensive study of the set- its history, philosophy, and application. A thorough breakdown of its individual movements along with the poetic Chinese names for each technique will be taught.

These “lyrics” point to the practical self-defense applications (striking, throwing, seizing & controlling) and health preservation methods hidden within the set.

Register and submit payment by March 13th to receive 20% off.

Space is limited so please register early.

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