Introducing Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu

December 23, 2010 — Shifu Matt Talbert

The self-defense approach of many modern day martial arts schools is simply impractical, leaving dedicated students without the proper tools to defend themselves. In response to this, the Nine Dragon Academy has developed a program of training to build beginning students’ abilities to protect themselves, and to give experienced students the final pieces they need to apply what they already know.

Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu is a method of practical application that is simple in training and execution and is designed to be a springboard for students to express their own knowledge and abilities. These are realistic and practical fighting methods, rooted in the solid foundations of  Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

To introduce the Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu method, the Nine Dragon Academy will be hosting a seminar.  This seminar is open to the public and welcomes practitioners of all styles of martial arts of any skill level.  The seminar will be on Saturday January 15, 2011 from 1pm – 6pm.  The entry fee is $20 for the public and $10 for students and friends of the Nine Dragon Academy.

You will be introduced to:

  • Basic Combat Principles
  • Basic Techniques
  • Defense Against Punches
  • Defense Against Kicks
  • Defense Against Grabs
  • Control Tactics
  • Basic Joint Locks
  • What You Should Know About How the Law Applies to Martial Artists

The first half of the day will include instruction in basic techniques while the second half will be dedicated to control tactics and joint manipulations (Qinna).

There will also be a lecture covering the physical and legal realities of personal protection, and why many traditional martial arts schools today are not equipped to teach students practical fighting methods.

This seminar provides an opportunity to learn kung fu techniques in the manner they were used for centuries; as methods of saving a practitioners life and overcoming an attacker.