Eric Lee China Tour 2009

September 17, 2009 — Shifu Matt Talbert

The Nine Dragon Academy wishes for those students who are getting the opportunity to go to China to have a great trip!  Da Shi Xiong Matt Talbert and Shi Xiong Thomas Johnson, along with several other students will leave on Saturday to travel in China and have the opportunity to train at the legendary Wudang Mountain.  Grand Master Eric Lee is leading another martial tour to China with stops in Zhongshan, which is Grand Master Eric Lee’s home town, Hong Kong, and the Wudang Temple.

Da Shi Xiong Matt Talbert, who has previously traveled in China to train at the Shaolin Temple, can attest to the beauty of China and the warm friendly atmosphere presented by it’s people. This trip will surely be one to remember and we are grateful that Grand Master Eric Lee has given our students the opportunity to join him on this tour. We here at the Jiu Long Pai wish them a pleasant and safe journey and look forward to their return.