Chinese New Year Celebration 2010

February 22, 2010 — Shifu Matt Talbert

The Nine Dragon Academy would like to thank everyone who attended our Chinese New Year celebration.  We came together as a family and enjoyed good weather, good food, and good company.  We had a great turn out to the event and everyone enjoyed seeing our Lion Dance Troupe perform and bless our training facility and some great demonstrations from a variety of traditions.

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Guro Joe Craig, Guro Chris Hesse, Guro Tim Rivera, Guro Kevin Cannon and Sensei Matt Stumpf of Apex Training Center for their continued hospitality and great demonstrations of Silat, Harimaw Buno and Kali Escrima, to Ninong Tim Rivera, Guro Dan Berg, Anna Saindon and John of Garimot Arnis Training St. Louis for performing some Moro-Moro with a few different weapons, our very own Jiao Lian Gao Lin for demonstrating some of her Sport Wu Shu,  to Le Fujun from Shaolin Chan City for demonstrating Tai Zu Chang Quan from the Song Shan Shaolin Temple tradition and to Da Shi Xiong Kevin Sears, Anton Kuchman, Jiao Lian Jesse Nenninger and Shi Xiong Thomas Johnson for demonstrating a variety of forms from our martial tradition.

We would also like to thank Hot Wok for coming in during their time off to specially prepare the food for our event.  The food was delicious and we had more than enough to share with all of our guests.

It was great to have so many martial artists from so many traditions come together to share their passion and talent for the martial arts with us at our Chinese New Year celebration.  We were glad to celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Metal Tiger with our martial family and to have our facility blessed with a Traditional Lion Dance.  The Nine Dragon Academy is ready to tackle the upcoming challenges of the new year and wishes for much prosperity for our school, for the other schools in attendance and for all of our guests, family and friends during the 2010 Year of the Metal Tiger.