Please take a moment to look through the Nine Dragon Academy gallery.  There are pictures from various demonstrations and performances, from our internal events and celebrations, as well as photos of our students practicing kung fu.

Kung Fu

Pictures of our members practicing kung fu.

Da Shi Xiong Kevin Sears and Da Shi Xiong Matt Talbert

Pictures of the founders of the Jiu Long Pai

Important Events

Important Events in the Nine Dragon Academy.

2010 Chinese New Year Celebration

The Nine Dragon Academy 2010 Year of the Metal Tiger Lunar New Year Celebration

Qing Ming Jie 2009

Nine Dragon Academy Qing Ming Jie Observance


Some of the places the members of the Nine Dragon Academy have visited.

Eric Lee China Tour 2009

Members of the Nine Dragon Academy, traveling in China and training on Wudang Mountain

2010 Trip to the Shaolin Temple

Da Shi Xiong Kevin\'s Trip to the Shaolin Temple.