Welcome to the Nine Dragon Academy

The Nine Dragon Academy, or Jiǔ Lóng Pài 九龍派 as it is known in Chinese, was founded to share the richness of Chinese martial culture.  Founded in St. Louis, the Jiu Long Pai is not simply a martial arts school, but a Chinese Cultural arts Center.  We promote Shaolin Temple arts (Shǎolín Sì Shù 少林寺术), Traditional and Freestyle Lion Dancing, Dragon Dancing, Tai Chi Quan (Tàijí Quán 太極拳) and Chinese Kick Boxing (Sàn Shǒu 散手).

These Chinese art forms have enriched our lives and provided us innumerable rewards.  We believe anyone who has an interest in the Chinese cultural and martial arts will benefit from studying the programs that the Jiu Long Pai has to offer.

Our goal is to offer quality instruction in the Chinese Arts to everyone from the casual student to the lifelong practitioner.